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November 24, 2013 by Sette Nero Motorcylces

Sette Nero I

Sette Nero I is based on a 1980 R100T frame and engine.

IMG_8731 copy

The front end is front a BMW K75 with 41mm stanchions and braking system.

IMG_8778 copyBoth, front and rear rims have been reduced 1″ in diameter improving the handling and they are fitted with stainless spokes.
The rear swing arm has been braced and hosts a fully adjustable Showa shock absorber which is connected to the main central frame member.

The subframe is bespoke made and welded to the main frame.

The tank is a “cut down” Heinrich endurance tank which I rebuild in fibreglass and then I had professionally sealed.

Simon and Andrea have made the two into one stainless  exhaust system which terminates with a Supertrapp muffler. Billet alloy rear sets.

Alloy top engine cover and custom made IMG_8795 copyaluminum underbelly battery holder.

The full engine has been fully rebuilt and dynamically balanced.  With new pistons and barrels by Siebenrock, ported heads and an electronic ignition conversion with double plugging. 40mm Dellorto’s and rebuilt gearbox.

We could have changed a couple of bearings IMG_8803 copyand seals and describe the engine as refurbished

but I really wanted a 0miles unit and I wanted it done at the top quality hence I subcontracted all the engine work to Jim Cray Engineering….if you like BMW you should know this guy,he is a legend!!

IMG_8769 copy IMG_8764 copy

Thank you to the fabulous Nick Caro Photography for the shots!

Images ©

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